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Meditating in Garden

Sacred Boundaries:
Honoring Your Spiritual Space


Spiritual boundaries refer to the intentional limits or protective measures a person establishes to safeguard their emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. Just as physical boundaries, like a fence or a personal space bubble, protect one's body and possessions, spiritual boundaries ensure that one's energy, peace, and inner sanctuary remain respected and intac

How it works

Meditating in Nature

Identify the relationships you struggle most with

Together we will explore where boundaries are the most difficult for you. We will uncover the patterns of thinking that are keeping you stuck.



Find the language you can use comfortably

Many of us want to set boundaries but don't have the language. Let's explore what sounds like you and is effective in your relationships.


Practice is paramount! Together we will work for you to try out your new boundary language to prepare you for real life.




In each session, we will talk about your progress and pitfalls after setting boundaries in your life. Adjust, celebrate, and discover what's next!

Take your confidence to the next level

With the help of a spiritual life coach, you can confidently define your limits, communicate your needs, and surround yourself with healthy relationships. My wellness coaching sessions will help you establish your boundary language, enabling you to enhance your self-awareness and improve your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Lead the life you want to live with life coaching services and positivity training from Evelyn Nieves!

Learn to manage your thoughts and mindset, releasing yourself from the grips of fear and anxiety

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